A fun way to gift a photo

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I am not a professional photographer. I am a scrapbooker and I have an expensive camera. I know how to frame a shot and press the shutter. I know to avoid direct sunlight. I know what open shade is. I understand depth of field, more or less. I never shoot on manual. I rely on actions to improve my images. … Read More

Cathy ZielskeA fun way to gift a photo

A project (or two) that I love

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I’ve made no secret that I’m a huge fan of Artifact Uprising. I love their products. I love their aesthetic. I love their commitment to the environment. I love their mission of making these images of our lives tangible. I’ve made a handful of books with them (you can read a review I wrote here), and I feel like every … Read More

Cathy ZielskeA project (or two) that I love

Wrapping up 30 Days of Thankful: Creating the final book

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Thiry Days of Thankful is now over. Now, let the UNGRATEFUL era commence! Of course, I jest.  The album project is over and the final step of this process was using Artifact Uprising’s online software to build a 5.5 x 5.5 softcover book. I’m eagerly awaiting the deliver of the book and will share photos when it arrives, but until … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWrapping up 30 Days of Thankful: Creating the final book