So that happened

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Dropping them off for the second year is easier. That said, we dropped our daughter off for her second year of college at a new college and so there are aspects of it that feel very similar to Year One. Last year, I felt such a loss of energy in my life during those first few days back home after leaving her … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSo that happened

That girl of ours? She’s settling in

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Photo by Aidan Zielske, Madison, Wis. Aidan came home last weekend for a visit. I know. You may be thinking, “Wait—didn’t she just leave?” And the answer is yes. She did just leave. But she needed to snag a little home time and found a way to hitch a ride home thanks to a very active ride share board at the … Read More

Cathy ZielskeThat girl of ours? She’s settling in

No one said it would be easy

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Finding her socks in the laundry. Seeing her beige flats at the bottom of the stairs, the ones you repeatedly told her to take up to her room. Remembering she’s not asleep in her room when you get up from your desk to refill your coffee. Having waves of grief crash down on you, hard, unexpectedly. Having them pass and breathing … Read More

Cathy ZielskeNo one said it would be easy

Here you go

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Today’s the day. We leave to take our girlie to college. As surely as she was ready for preschool, she’s ready for university life. At least we think she is. We definitely hope she is. Did I ever tell you what happened on her first day of preschool? We headed down to the bus stop, our little family of four, Coley in a stroller and Aidan … Read More

Cathy ZielskeHere you go