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When does Fall officially end anyway? I know. It’s just a Google-search away, but I want to go old school with my intel. (Have you ever seen that clip with Louis CK, lamenting how people don’t have to work for information the way they used to thanks to Google, talking about how he yearns for the days when if you really wanted … Read More

Cathy ZielskeThis middle space


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Last week I got a much needed  hair cut. In spite of being moderately chubbier these days (okay, maybe moderately is a bit generous here), I still feel hella lot better with predictable hair. For me, a half an inch’ll do, thank you very much. I also poured about a gallon of blue black foaming Garnier Nutrisse into the mix and … Read More

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Middle-aged mama, a story of right now

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Right now there are no dreamy pictures of me, nose to nose, with my little one held aloft in the air, while we both giggle like crazy. Right now there are no little fingers at last finding the mechanics to pluck a lone Cheerio from the center of a sticky high chair tray. Right now there are no PLEASE, Mama? just … Read More

Cathy ZielskeMiddle-aged mama, a story of right now