The year that was in general health and fitness

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I used to blog a lot more about health and fitness… specifically, mine. Remember that? If you click here, you can read post after post after post after post on the very subject. Lots of before photos. Lots of after photos. Then more let’s try this again photos. There was some whining. There were some truths. But basically, this has been … Read More

Cathy ZielskeThe year that was in general health and fitness

Happy FitDay to me

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For my birthday this year, I decided to buy a shiny new FitBit Alta, one of the newest members of the FitBit family. A fitness product for your birthday? Where’s the fun in that? Well, here’s the deal: it’s WAY fun, people. Truly. I’ve been a FitBit fan pretty much since the beginning. This is my 3rd make and model and … Read More

Cathy ZielskeHappy FitDay to me

No buzz this Halloween

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I did it. For the first time in 49 years, I made it through Halloween with no sugar. I know. Why would someone choose that? Even someone who admittedly has a problem with junk food? Why not just live it up for the day? Carpe diem! Be here, be now, be WOW! It’s because that’s what I’ve pretty much done … Read More

Cathy ZielskeNo buzz this Halloween


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The time for feeling sorry for myself and whining is over. For now. I know. Maybe I haven’t been publicly whining and feeling sorry for myself with wild abandon, but between you and me, it’s been going about a million miles an hour in the space between my ears for months now. But it needs to stop and guess who … Read More

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mom in beast mode

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I’m writing this blog post standing up, contrary to the image you see directly above in which I am clearly sitting down. I’m trying to stand more and sit less. They say it makes you healthier. I tell you this because this post is going to be about the State of the Union in terms of my personal fitness and … Read More

Cathy Zielskemom in beast mode

No shame in my game

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So I’m back in the saddle, people. I have re-boarded the Health & Fitness express for the—oh, I forget what number it is—let’s just say a lot. So what does it mean to be back? Good question. First things first, and my friend Tim is going to hate me for saying this, but I’m eating real food. Food that I … Read More

Cathy ZielskeNo shame in my game

My whole life

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My whole life I’ve wanted to lose weight. This was the thought rattling around my head last week as I decided to step on the scale to see if it was just my imagination that I had somehow packed on yet another five, or possibly ten. Or whatever. As far back as I can remember—and honestly, anything before 12 or 13 … Read More

Cathy ZielskeMy whole life

Smoothie! It’s what’s for breakfast

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When I am focused on taking care of myself there is one thing you can bet on every day: for breakfast, I have a smoothie. Further, anytime I post a smoothie photo to Instagram, I get asked for the recipe. Ergo, the point of today’s post. Some people I know are very much against drinking their calories. I wouldn’t go … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSmoothie! It’s what’s for breakfast

So far in the new year

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I’ve been taking conscious care of myself for 14 days in 2014 and so far, I feel fine. At least that’s the simple answer. I don’t know what to write about where my health and fitness (read: chub and food issues) are concerned. That’s a lie. I do know, otherwise, this blog post would have ended in sentence 3. I’m knee … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSo far in the new year

Join me in the Jumpstart

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I know, I know… a glass of wine to kick off the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart? Maybe not the best of ideas. Any nutrition expert will tell you that a glass of wine is no different than a glass of full-sugared Coca Cola.  But this shot is from Christmas Eve and I was in celebratory mode. I know a … Read More

Cathy ZielskeJoin me in the Jumpstart