Scrapbook Your Year—February 2016

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Scrapbook Your Year, how to document your life one month at a time in 30 photos or less, is now open for registration. Click through to learn more.

Scrapbook Your Year launched last week. If you haven’t heard about it—and if you follow me at all that would seem next to impossible seeing how I have PIMPED THE LIVING HELL out of it—you’ll know it’s my new course all about how to document your year by the month in 30 photos—more or less—at a time. I want to … Read More

Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year—February 2016

How I’m Scrapbooking My Year

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A look at how I'm documenting my year, one month, 4 pages and about 30 photos or less at a time. Click through to see how.

I’m launching a new self-paced e-course this coming Friday, Scrapbook Your Year, designed to help memory keepers take a simplified approach to a year-long scrapbooking project. And maybe you’ve noticed (or rather, NOT noticed) any sharing of Project Life-style pages by yours truly in 2016. That wasn’t necessarily on purpose. After finishing my book in 2015, I was fully planning … Read More

Cathy ZielskeHow I’m Scrapbooking My Year