Without further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance

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First things first, I’m the realest. Thank you. Do you know the story behind the bee dance? Would you like to? It all started back when I was about 14 and my mother made me a bee costume for my job at the RollerFair Skate Deck in Everett, Washington.  She filled the suit with balloons, dropped me off at the rink and thusly a tradition … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWithout further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance

Will it blow?

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About a week ago, I came across this video. It showed how to peel an egg by simply blowing it out of its shell. Sign me up! Now I’m a fan of the hard boiled egg. Eggs are a great source of real food protein. It generated some discussion on Facebook, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Someone … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWill it blow?

Happy Halloween!

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Breaking Bee 2013 from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo. Hope you have an awesome October 31st.  

Cathy ZielskeHappy Halloween!